COSCUP 2019 Community Choice: the TOP 3

Last few days, over 200 people joined the COSCUP 2019 Community Choice vote. Let's see the top 3 list and take a snake peak of their CfP status:戰況激烈的社群人氣王位爭霸戰,已經於日前告一段落囉!究竟是哪些社群有機會獲得較大的空間,讓更多的會眾參與精彩的社群議程呢?讓我們一起來看看由超過兩百位社群夥伴投出的結果,順便偷看一下他們的投稿狀況...3rd: Making Hackathon in Open Source Way (g0v.tw)The 3rd place is Making Hackathon in Open Source Way, by the g0v.tw community. This is the first time they apply for a Community Room in COSCUP, and it seems that people are excited about it! We know that the g0v community cares about plenty of different topics, so it's no surprise they got proposals on many different areas. We can expect a pretty good diversity in the community room.g0v 社群發揮揪人能力,首度在 COSCUP 申請獨立議程軌人氣就大爆發,一舉站上第三名。此議程軌的稿件方向就如同遍地開花的 g0v 專案一般囊括各種主題,大家想必可以看到各有所長的社群成員同場分享!2nd: Open Web Technologies (MozTW)The Open Web Technologies community room, by the MozTW community, comes back again after 2017. They steadily got votes every day, and finally became the 2nd place in the last …

COSCUP 開源人年會強力徵稿,錯過再等一年!

一年一度的 COSCUP 開源人年會活動又開跑囉!還記得去年 COSCUP 豐富多元的議程嗎?今年 COSCUP 一如往常徵求各式各樣不同的 Open Source 稿件,徵稿時間自 4 月 1 日起至 5 月 6 日截止,共設有 19 軌議程。不論是研究、技術分享,或是在開源路上的心路歷程,熱烈歡迎台灣各界好手,前往 COSCUP 官方部落格投稿參加!
COSCUP 開源人年會為台灣 open source 愛好者交流與分享的大型開放原始碼研討會。自 2006 年開始,至今已經舉辦 14 年,每年都吸引全亞洲甚至世界各地的工程師前來參與。今年 COSCUP 即將在 8 月 17 日至 8 月 18 日,於台灣科技大學舉辦。每一年 COSCUP 不限主題與內容,擁抱所有願意分享 Open Source 的人,吸引各界開源人爭相投稿。
去年 COSCUP 邀請到政務委員唐鳳講述開源「fork and merge」與「建立共識」之核心精神帶至社會、環境、經濟的不同領域鼓勵創新。音樂才子林強分享推動 CC 授權的心路歷程。又有如比特兔交易所 CEO 曹力分享區塊鏈的核心價值,更在現場 coding 為議程帶來最高潮。
今年 COSCUP 設有 19 軌議程,徵稿時間自 4 月 1 日起至 5 月 6 日截止,投稿主題包含技術應用分享,如區塊鏈和分散式賬本、 Chatbot 開發、開放網路技術、軟體定義網路與 Cloud Native 與開源硬體創作 ,同時觸及 Julia 、Ruby、Rust、Golang 等各類程式語言。若您是作業系統與資料庫愛好者,也有如 FLOSS!自由軟體運動、BSDTWMySQL 以及 PostgreSQL 等您發揮。針對開放資料、開放政府與黑客松的開源者,COSCUP 設有 g0v 黑客松的開源協作模式OpenStreetMap x Wikidata,甚至進一步探討開源隱私的議程,若有其他想要投稿的議程,如社群參與、讀開放原始碼、開源心路歷程分享,COSUCP 都設有相對應的議程軌開放眾人投稿與分享,歡迎開源各界的英雄好漢前來投稿分享,一同推動台灣開源盛世!
以下為 COSCUP 徵稿議程軌: Blockchain and Distributed LedgerBSDTW X Cat System WorkshopEverything in Ru…

COSCUP 2019 Community Booth - 1st wave! 社群攤位首波錄取名單(持續招募中歡迎申請)

It is our honor to announce the first wave of application list today as following.(快轉到中文版)See which Community you can meet on COSCUPMOPCON 2019Ruby TaiwanOpen Source Hong Kong + HKOSCon + PyCon HKJulia TaiwanChatbot.twFedora and FriendsCNTUG x Golang.TW x SDNDS.TW 聯軍openSUSE TaiwanOpen Hack FarmBSDTW x Cat System WorkshopUbuntu-TWFOSSASIAJapanese Raspberry Pi Users GroupIf you missed the application before, grab the chance!Apply for Community Booth NowBesides the exciting sessions, COSCUP is also a community connected with all Free/Libre/Open source software(FLOSS).For FLOSS communities, you mustn't miss this chance to set up a booth in COSCUP, a great opportunity to introduce yourself, display your work, and connect with thousands of open source contributors and hobbyists all around Taiwan.Key datesApril 29th: first wave of community booths announced June 1st: Deadline for Community Booth application Early June: Publish full result on COSCUP blog.Application rulesApplicants shoul…

Vote for your favorite Community Rooms in COSCUP 2019! 熱門議程軌投票,現正進行中!

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What for? Are you as excited as us for the Community Room Program? Now it's time to show your support!

The more votes your community gets, it will have the chance to get a bigger room and more audience can join you.

Here, we list the communities in the Community Room program (which means they will have their own track in COSCUP 2019,) you can cast your votes before 5/6 23:59 (UTC+8) for the Community Room(s) you are going to participate in COSCUP 2019. You can choose at most 3 Community Rooms.

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Three more things
Don't forget, you can also submit your talk proposals to these tracks!2019 COSCUP Call for sponsorship is on the way, please contact: sponsorship@coscup.orgDonate us and get cool limited gadgets! Follow COSCUP SNS channels for the latest updates. 人氣投票? 看到了今年的議程軌,你是否跟我們一樣期待呢(如果你還沒看到,現在讓你看看)?在歡欣鼓舞的同時,第二屆 COSCUP 議程軌會前人氣投票新章突入!


我們在投票表單上列出了 COSC…

COSCUP 2019 CfP is now open, submit your proposal before May 6th, 2019.

We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 6th, 2019. After the review process from the coordinators, we will publish the full programme in early June.一如往常,在今年的 COSCUP 我們徵求各式各樣不同的 Open Source 相關稿件。請於 5 月 6 日前投稿,或可參考本頁下方各議程軌資訊。Submit your proposalImportant DatesSubmission deadline: May 6th, 2019 (截稿時間)Full programme published: Early June (預定公佈時間)COSCUP 2019: Aug 17-18 (with welcome party at 16th night), at National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyPartner conferences / 合作研討會特別軌We are gladly welcome HKOSCon (Hong Kong Open Source Conference,) COSCon (China Open Source Conf,) and OSPN OSC (オープンソースカンファレンス) join us with a special track. Please check their CfP form for more information about the track.今年 COSCUP 與 OpenSource HK 的「HKOSCon」、開源社的「COSCon」及 OSPN 的「OSC」合作推出特別軌,以期邀請各地的開源愛好者前來與大家一會。其各自的徵稿資訊,請參考下方連結。opensource.hk "HKOSCon" Special Track開源社 "COSCon" Special TrackOSPN "オープンソースカンファレンス" Spe…

HKOSCon 2019「COSCUP 特別軌」議程出爐

感謝大家對於 COSCUP 首次跨研討會合作如此支持,日前「HKOSCon 2019 『COSCUP 特別軌』」收到了不少稿件,經過與 HKOSCon 團隊討論後,我們選出了數個題目出征,所有講題都會以英文發表。「COSCUP 特別軌」將於 HKOSCon 的第二天,也就是 2019/06/15 舉辦,相關票券事宜請緊盯 HKOSCon 官網。以下所有時間順序在大會前或有變動,以 HKOSCon 網站公佈為準。以下是本次入選的講題、講者及內容:
10:00-10:30 Formal Verification on Smart Contract(陳奕熹)For ethereum, 2016 might be a tough year, the DAO has been stolen 3.6 million ETH, equivalent of $70 million at that time, due to improper contract design. As a result, more and more automatic verification tool for smart contract come out to prevent potentially huge financial loss.Today, we will be looking at how formal verification tools work on smart contract, how can we use mathematical proof to ensure the quality of program.
10:40-11:10 DApp Game - Blockchain random number generation method and implementation(Huang Shih Chin(Xixi))When users realized that the "application on the ICO was more important than the "token", the virtual currency began to decline in June 2018, prompting users in the m…

COSCUP 2018 會後記錄 - 財務報告

COSCUP 2018 財務摘要:收入支出摘要 COSCUP 2018 財務報告,僅摘要屬於 2018 年份的收入與支出狀況。

收入   外幣   台幣   總計收入        會前派對 報名費 NT$49,400.00       親子工作坊 報名費 NT$4,200.00       義賣收入 NT$18,950.00       贊助收入 NT$3,764,000.00       贊助收入 - 外幣           贊助收入-美元 $11,217.17
       贊助收入 - 個人贊助 NT$148,500.00總收入NT$4,339,578.47
支出   金額   總計支出        稅務成本 NT$291,692.00       營運成本              行銷費 NT$686,960.00             保險 NT$5,604.00             設備與器材費 NT$380,902.00             場地費 NT$719,950.00             會眾費用-食物,交通車 NT$158,528.00             義務工作人員費用 NT$491,543.00             網站費用 NT$3,400.00             講者及主持人費用 NT$139,144.00       營運費用              金流服務商代收手續費 NT$15,790.00             匯款手續費 NT$1,215.00             捐贈開源社群 NT$40,000.00             運費 NT$17,499.00             雜支 NT$24,547.00總支出NT$2,976,774.00淨收入 於期間
支出科目 支出科目(2018/01/15~2019/03/10)

歷年結餘 歷年結餘