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Vote for your favorite Tracks in COSCUP 2020! 熱門議程軌投票,現正進行中!

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What is this?Are you as excited as us for the tracks in COSCUP 2020? Now it's time to show your support!The more votes your favorite track gets, it will have the chance to get a bigger room and more audience can join you.Here, we list all the tracks that host by the FLOSS communities, you can cast your votes before 2020/05/08 23:59 (UTC+8) for the track(s) you are going to participate in COSCUP 2020. You can choose at most 3 tracks.Vote NowThree more thingsDon't forget, you can also submit your talk proposals to these tracks!COSCUP 2020 Call for sponsorship is on the way, please contact: sponsorship@coscup.orgFor the latest updates of COSCUP 2020, follow our Twitter or Facebook page!人氣投票?看到了今年的議程軌,你是否跟我們一樣期待呢(如果你還沒看到,現在讓你看看)?在歡欣鼓舞的同時,第三屆 COSCUP 議程軌會前人氣投票新章突入!票數越高的議程軌,將有機會獲得較大的空間配置,讓更多的會眾參與你們精彩的議程。立刻揪社群夥伴一起來投票吧!我們在投票表單上列出了 COSCUP 2020 向各社群徵集來的議程軌,請在 2020/05/08 23:59 (UTC+8) 前選出你最期待的議程。當然,如果你的關心社群不只一個也不用煩惱,最多…

COSCUP 2020 Community Booths (First wave) 社群攤位名單公佈

See which community you can meet on COSCUP 2020. We are still looking for more communities to participate, and will update the final version around June.社群攤位第一波名單公布,快來看看有哪些社群參與!沒有看到你的社群?別擔心,現在還可以報名喔!最終名單將在六月初公布。How to apply / 申請社群攤位Apply for a Community BoothCommunity Booth / 社群攤位:Chatbot TaiwanOpen Source Hong Kong開放文化基金會Ubuntu 台灣社群 (a.k.a Ubuntu-TW)MozTW, Mozilla 台灣社群JVM 台灣代表隊Open Hack FarmGDG (Google Developer Group)MOPCONRuby Taiwan

COSCUP 2020 CfP is now open, submit your proposal before May 11th, 2020.

We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 11th, 2020. After the review process from the coordinators, we will publish the full programme in early June.一如往常,在今年的 COSCUP 我們徵求各式各樣不同的 Open Source 相關稿件。請於 5 月 11 日前投稿,或可參考本頁下方各議程軌資訊。Submit your proposalImportant DatesSubmission deadline: May 11th, 2020 (截稿時間)Full programme published: Early June (預定公佈時間)COSCUP 2020: Aug 1-2 (with welcome party at July 31st night), at National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyTracksQMK Keyboarder / 鍵人谷Open Source ChatbotLet's Read the Source Code / 帶您讀源碼MySQL Open Space / 開放 MySQL 開放空間Cloud Native HubBSDArch Linux & ArchersEnter the FLOSS World / 開源新手村Open Source AI: Human-like & Trustworthy AI / AI 開源:更有智慧與可信賴的 AIEffective GoJulia LanguageMyDataCOSCUP StartupsCOSCUP EnterprisesOpen Source DesignOpen Source EducationPostgreSQLRubyEverything in RustBlockchain and Distributed LedgerOpenStreetMap x WikidataEmbedded Linux / 嵌入式 Linu…

COSCUP 2020 Call for Participation -- now open! 議程軌與攤位即日起開放申請

Photo by Jaime Lopes on UnsplashLadies and gentlemen, time to apply for a COSCUP 2020 community track/booth! 快速跳到中文版TracksCommunity Tracks are assigned to self-organizing groups to work, share, and discuss issues around an open-source-related topic. The application should be submitted before March 30th.You can decide the content and format in your Track.You can decide the duration of each section and the whole schedule in your Track.Key datesMarch 30th: Deadline for Track applicationsApril 10th: Track coordinators provide information of Call for ProposalApril 13 April 20th: Call for Proposal starts (Update: We've postponed the CfP start date to April 20th.)May 11th: Deadline for Call for ProposalLate-May: Track coordinators provide the complete scheduleEarly June: Full schedule published on COSCUP.org (TBC)August 1-2 at Taipei: COSCUP 2020Application rulesScheduleWe do not plan for rooms to be empty during the event. By applying for a Track you are making a commitment to fill th…

COSCUP 2019 香港、上海、東京跨境合作 -- 小啄去了哪裡,講些什麼?

前言每年 COSCUP 都會有一點點的新挑戰,也許是場地不同、也許是宣傳方式改變、也許是議程徵稿的方式,說起 2019 年 COSCUP 的一個小挑戰,便是嘗試了「國際合作」(或稱跨境合作)的議程。在這邊說明一下,過去 COSCUP 也有與不同研討會進行合作的經驗,例如 2018 年的「COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia 2018」就是聯名舉辦的形式,但基本上發生的場域還是在台灣。而 2019 年我們的挑戰則是以「交換議程軌」的方式,由我們揪一群講者到國外的 conf 分享,也讓合作研討會能帶一些講者來 COSCUP 演講。用一句話比喻就是:「Talk 出得去,人進得來」(這個當時的笑點放到現在這個時空來看已經是爛梗了XD),目的是將台灣在地的開源精神與技術帶出去,一方面讓國外的朋友對台灣的開放文化跟技術有更多的認識之外,也希望能讓國外朋友知道台灣有這麼一個關心開放文化的研討會存在,大家來交個朋友噢!現在就跟著我們的腳步一起來認識這次 COSCUP 國際合作研討會吧!分別是香港的 HKOSCon, 中國的 COSCon 跟日本的 OSC Tokyo。HKOSCon 香港第一個率先登場的國際合作便是 6 月份在香港舉辦的 HKOSCon (Hong Kong Open Source Conference),香港的開源人曾多次來到台灣參加 COSCUP,有作為講者分享的、也有參與社群擺攤的,甚至過去也參與過 COSCUP 籌辦,早已是我們熟悉的好朋友,這次能換 COSCUP 帶隊到香港分享也讓我們著實興奮。我們在三月份左右開始徵稿,接著進行審稿、聯繫、安排行程相關事宜,也因為是第一次帶團出發,在旅行庶務上的流程花了一點時間,但先有了首次經驗並可以針對流程優化,後面出巡 OSC Tokyo 跟 COSCon 就變得順利許多。在選稿的部分我們自訂了幾個標準,技術當然是我們重視的,但台灣在地、開源精神以及多樣性亦是我們在挑選議程時會考量的因素,而因為是國際合作的關係,預期會眾可能來自各國,因此能以英文進行演講也是很重要的。活動第一天 COSCUP 的主力放在攤位上,向國外的朋友介紹 COSCUP 是誰、從哪裡來、要做什麼。這次 The FreeBSD Foundation 也有來擺攤,但大家能顧攤的人都不多,又因為是社群好朋友,索性併攤一…