Meet your friends at the BoF sessions of COSCUP 2020

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You followed a few OSS people on SNS, now it's time to meet them at the BoF sessions of COSCUP 2020!

What is a BoF session?

Wikipedia is out a best friend:
A BoF session, an informal meeting at conferences, where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.
At the conference, we will provide a venue for BoF sessions, and you can host or participate in one or more BoF sessions out there!

Why attend/host a BoF?

Meet people with shared interest is always fun, and COSCUP brings a lot of OSS community people to Taipei during the conference, make it the best chance to join a nice BoF / meetup!

How to join a BoF session?

Easy. At the conference, all sessions and their times will be listed on the door of the BoF room. You can just walk in if you are interested. Don't be shy, they all lovely people.

You can also check it before the conference day. A document list session currently available and expected attendants.

Even though it's unnecessary to register a BoF session, we encourage you to show your interest beforehand. Just append your name to the expected attendant at the session you interested in.

Host a BoF session

If you want to host a BoF session, please follow the instructions in the BoF document.

Notice that we only provide the venue. You can prepare food and drink by yourself.

COVID-19 concerns

For your safety & health, if there is no seat left, please do no enter the room, and every BoF hosts should help for keeping this social distance.


Just fire your question to program@coscup.org.

BoF 是什麼呢?

簡單說就是同樂會 — 有相同喜好的人、歡樂聚會的活動!因為喜好相同,所以你們可以暢談彼此在相同主題上的新發現,又或者與其他只在網路上聊過天、卻沒見過面的「熟人」碰個面。

BoF 是 COSCUP 的重頭戲之一,每年都在混亂 x 秩序交錯中熱烈開展!畢竟,COSCUP 年會聚集開放源碼社群成員,是舉辦開源相關主題 BoF 的絕佳環境之一。

在會議期間,大會將提供一間 BoF 專用會議室,供大家舉辦及參與 BoF。




所有 BoF 聚會主題及時間會列在 BoF 會議室的門口。您可以在現場尋找你有興趣的主題,然後直接走進去就可以了!!!

您也可以在會議開始前先在這份文件看有哪些預定舉辦的 BoF 聚會。雖然參加 BoF 不用報名,但我們建議您可以在上述的文件簽上自己的大名,表明您的參加意願讓大家知道!

要怎麼發起一個新的 BoF 主題聚?


請特別注意,大會僅提供場地,並無提供食物、飲料。該會議室不限制飲食,BoF 主辦人可自行準備。

Bonus: 發現 BoF 會議室好的時段都被搶走了?或是會議期間還聊不夠?您也可以另外自找場地自辦聚會,並在上述文件宣傳您的自辦 BoF讓大家知道。


也請各 BoF 發起人協助維護人滿就不再進入教室的原則


好喔!有 BoF 相關的問題,寄來 program@coscup.org 就對了,雖然在 COSCUP 前兩週我們已經忙到爆炸,但我們還是無敵熱血地會盡力擠出一點時間來回你的信。



虛擬場地開放時間表 / All virtual venue’s opening hours

以下是所有虛擬場地開放的時間表 Those are our all virtual venue’s opening hours. Opening Hours 7/30 7/31 8/01 入口區 ENTRANCE 24H 24H 24H 攤位區 Booth 1 / Booth 2 CLOSED 10:00 18:00 10:00 18:00 Party | BoF Party 1 / Party 2 17:30 22:00 17:30 22:00 CLOSED 如果你正在找線上議程轉播,可以直接前往 COSCUP’s YouTube Channel . If you are looking for the online conference streaming, please go to COSCUP’s YouTube Channel .

COSCUP x KCD Taiwan 2022 CfP is now open, submit your proposal before May 23th, 2022.

We have pleasure to work with KCD Taiwan to have a joint conference this year. We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 23th, 2022. After the review process from the coordinators, we will publish the full programme in early June. Please note that the length of each agenda is preset to 30 minutes, only the specific tracks are open to other agenda lengths for selection, which will be filled in on the second page of the registration form.  In the submission type on the first page of the registration form, please select the default value (30 mins) . 今年 COSCUP 我們很榮幸與 KCD Taiwan 合作舉辦聯合研討會,並且如往常,徵求各式各樣不同的 Open Source 相關稿件。請於 5 月 23 日前投稿,或可參考本頁下方各議程軌資訊。    請注意,每場議程長度預設為 30 分鐘 ,惟指定議程軌開放其他議程長度進行選擇,會在報名表單第二頁進行填寫,報名表單第一頁的 提交型態 中,請選擇預設值。 Submit your proposal Important Dates Submission deadline: May 23th, 2022, Anywhere on Earth!(截稿時間) Full programme published: Early July (預定公佈時間) COSCUP x KCD 2022: July 30th - July 31th, at National Taiw

全線上舉辦!COSCUP x RubyConfTW 2021 will be an entirely Virtual Event.

COSCUP x RubyConfTW 2021 將於 07/31~08/01 線上舉辦! 籌備團隊針對 COVID-19 疫情之因應,依據指揮中心之警戒標準,決議今年將以 YouTube 直播加上 Live Q&A 的方式進行。 仍舊希望能讓大家參與我們的會期活動 (會前派對、聽議程、大拜拜、逛攤位),為此我們計畫使用 Gather Town 的服務,打造可以開心聊天交流、安心線上參與的遠距虛擬會議環境! In response to the COVID-19 level 3 warning from CECC Taiwan, COSCUP x RubyConfTW 2021 will change to a virtual event this year, from Jul 31 to Aug 1. We will use YouTube’s service: lectures will be uploaded, and the Q&A interaction part will be live streaming. For the pre-conf party and other exhibition interactions, we plan to use Gather Town to bring the best experience to our participants. Stay home, and enjoy the online version COSCUP x RubyConfTW 2021!