COSCUP 2020 - Kicks Off with 5G and a Big Crowd on the First Morning

 【COSCUP 2020】Kicks Off with 5G and a Record Crowd on the First Day.

TAIPEI, Aug 1, 2020 -- COSCUP (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters) was held today at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. This year's agenda included the hottest topic— 5G, which was the prelude to COSCUP's 15-year history. In the morning, more than 1,200 people had already poured into the venue to participate in various open-source sessions.

COSCUP 2020 held at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

COSCUP, the largest open-source community conference in Taiwan, was held on August 1st and 2nd at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Although many international guests or speakers were unable to attend in person due to the pandemic, they did not miss the event and participated remotely. For example, the creator of Vue 3, Evan You (尤雨溪), shared the technical difficulties and design trade-offs involved in open-source projects remotely.

COSCUP Opening

At the opening ceremony, Ant welcomed and thanked COSCUP volunteers, speakers, and the audience for their enthusiastic participation, as well as co-organizers Open Culture Foundation and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering. Above all, Ant thanked the sponsors who gave COSCUP the strongest support: the 5G Office from DoIT MOEA, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the Institute for Information Industry, Appier, Moxa, KKBOX, Oracle, and Google Cloud.

This year, COSCUP also adopted a multi-track agenda, with different themed tracks and multiple sessions running at the same time. The program included the most popular topics, such as 5G, mask map, as well as an exclusive agenda for open-source newcomers and designers. Audrey Tang, the Digital Minister of the Executive Yuan also reflected on the meaning of open-source with Chien-Hung Huang, the Director of the Kuandu Museum of Art. 

Former NCC Director Ting-Yi Zhan shares the opportunities of 5G and open source

The first main session began with the former NCC Director, Ting-Yi Zhan, sharing the opportunities for open source in 5G, how 5G will connect different sectors of industry, leading to more diverse and vertically integrated applications. According to Zhan, the industry is working on standards and technical specifications to define open interfaces between radios, hardware, and software, so that multiple vendors can be used to co-construct networks. Compliance with the 3GPP R16 standard, a completely open platform from the network core (5GC) to the access network will be an opportunity for open source and co-creation and development.

Over 1,200 people participated in COSCUP on the morning of the first day

For the first time this year, COSCUP offered free entry without registration, and there was a huge crowd in the morning. However, participants had to fill out an online “Health Declaration Form” before entering and must wear surgical masks throughout the whole session.

COSCUP attendance must wear a mask and fill out a health declaration form

Participants can check the official COSCUP website (https://coscup.org/2020/en) for details of the agenda and speakers, as well as the number of participants in the conference room. 

Special thanks to our sponsors for their support to COSCUP 2020 despite the impact of the pandemic:

The Titanium level sponsor: 5G office

The Gold level sponsors: Appier, Moxa, KKBOX, Oracle, Google Cloud

The Silver level sponsors: Gamesofa, OpenChain

The Bronze level sponsors: Rayark, Sky Mirror Technology, Oursky, Gandi, RD.ONE, Archilife Research Foundation, Agricultural Technology Research Institute, National Center for High-performance Computing, TWNIC, Microsoft, RingCentral

The Special Thanks level sponsors: Mozilla, ZUSO, Meet.jobs, LPI, iCHEF, HackMD, Micare

The Co-organizers: Open Culture Foundation, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s Department of Electronics and Computing Engineering

COSCUP 2020 Official Website: https://coscup.org/2020/en

COSCUP (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users & Promoters) is an annual conference held by Taiwanese open-source communities since 2006. It’s a major force of Free software movement advocacy in Taiwan. The event is often held with talks, sponsor and community booths, and Birds of a feather. In addition to international speakers, many Taiwanese local open-source contributors often give their talks here. The chief organizer, staff, and speakers are all volunteers. The mission of COSCUP is to provide a platform to connect open-source developers, users, and promoters.

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COSCUP 2024 徵稿辦法 / COSCUP 2024 Call for Proposals

COSCUP 2024 Call for Proposals: Until 9th, May Submit Your Proposals HERE! 今年 COSCUP 一如往常,徵求各式各樣不同的 Open Source 相關稿件。請於 05 月 09 日(AoE) 前投稿,徵稿主題可參考本頁下方各議程軌資訊。 請注意,每場議程長度預設為 30 分鐘 ,惟部分議程軌開放其他議程長度,會在報名表單第二頁選填。 為了增添 COSCUP 的國際能見度,今年所有入選稿件希望都可以提供中英文版雙語資訊。徵稿階段,您可先以自己偏好的語言準備演講或撰寫 CfP 稿件。 提醒您,COSCUP 是一個倡導開放的研討會,所有演講將錄影並以創用 YouTube CC 姓名標示-相同方式分享 4.0 釋出。如果您的演講有任何不能錄影或不願以此條款釋出的狀況,請務必於投稿表單上註明。 We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 09th, 2024 (AoE, Anywhere on Earth) . The theme for submissions can be referenced from the information on various tracks at the bottom of this page. Please note that the length of each agenda is preset to 30 minutes, only the specific tracks are open to other agenda lengths for selection, which will be filled in on the second page of the registration form. To make it more accessible for international audiences, we kindly request CFP information to be provided in both Chinese and

Designers in Tech- Open Source Design Workshop

關於工作坊 今年在COSCUP(Conference for Open Source Coders, Users Promoters)將協同國際團隊 Superbloom(以人為本出發幫助設計更具包容性和開放性的國際非營利組織)舉辦Designers in Tech- Open Source Design Workshop工作坊,此工作坊是專門為希望對社會做出正面貢獻的設計師所設計的,我們將邀起您以設計師的姿態,在科技人為主的世界裡舞擺出專屬於你的開源貢獻。 設計,如果共享後會有怎樣的可能性?開源設計為另一種合作模式,結合「共同協作」,讓人們可以自由地存取、使用、修改和分享設計資源來達到共同設計的目的。這次的工作坊試圖透過一個公開、透明、無國界的網路平台Github,讓設計師有機會參與平日以工程師為主的平台,並在上面做出生平第一次的開源設計貢獻,重新定義開源貢獻與設計的可能。 我們相信藉由設計師的參與可以優化現有以工程師、開發者為重的開源生態。通過設計師將專案納入更多的可及性和包容性。活動主旨在帶領設計師學習Github平台操作,進而可自行為開源專案進行貢獻。我們致力於賦能設計師開源專案貢獻力,摒除藩籬,打破開源僅為程式開發是唯一有價值貢獻的迷思。 我們將以「設計思考」思維出發並結合Superbloom的「使用者研究」個案來帶領工作坊,進一步在GitHub上挑選出3個專案做出貢獻:去中心化的移動網絡瀏覽器( Ceno Browser )、事實查核( Co-Facts )、通訊軟體( Session )。全程手把手引導教學如何以設計師的身份在GitHub上做出貢獻,提供全面的支援。在工作坊結束後,參與者能更加了解開源設計及在開源專案自行進行協作。 誰應該參加這個工作坊? 我們的工作坊對於UI/UX、平面設計師都相當歡迎 誰將帶領這個工作坊? Eriol Fox:Eriol擁有10年以上的設計工作經驗,從營利性企業開始,後來轉向非政府組織和開源軟件組織。他們曾參與涉及可持續食品系統、和平建設和危機應對技術的複雜問題。Eriol目前在Simply Secure工作,從事設計、研究、開源和技術項目。 Eriol是紐卡斯爾大學Open Lab的兼職資助博士研究員,他研究設計師如何參與以人道主義和人權為重點的開源軟件項目。

Berry AI 深化美國客戶合作,利用電腦視覺優化速食營運

聚焦速食產業 AI 應用,Berry AI 已獲得多個大型速食品牌信任 Berry AI 運用電腦視覺技術幫助速食業者蒐集營運資訊,用於優化營運流程與改善消費者體驗。自 2022 年成功進入美國市場後,銷售成績大幅成長,目前已成為美國速食 AI 科技領導業者。 Berry AI 團隊成員來自哈佛大學、杜克大學、紐約大學等知名學府以及阿里巴巴、聯發科、Microsoft、Appier、HTC 等大型跨國科技企業與 AI Labs、Umbo CV、Gogolook 、Cubo AI 等知名新創。Berry 研發團隊鼓勵成員探索與應用新的技術,我們延攬 AI 領域富有盛名且擁有數十年研究經驗的教授做為技術顧問,大幅增強團隊的研發能量。我們擁抱技術的無限可能性,並且相信共享知識的力量,研發團隊亦定期舉辦 Workshop 與技術交流會,分享彼此研究進度與開發心得,共同學習新知識。讓每一位成員都能夠盡情發揮自己的才華,實現自己的技術夢想。 Berry AI 於 2022 年開始與多家美國客戶展開合作,產品獲得肯定,先是與全球第 2 與第 3 大漢堡連鎖業者 Burger King 和 Wendy’s,以及全球第 3 大披薩連鎖業者 Little Caesars 進行試點導入,並於 2023 年擴大合作,將產品導入更多分店。在速食產業內建立起產品口碑後,Berry AI 與更多品牌建立合作關係,在 2024 上半年已經和 5 個新品牌以及大型加盟商進行試點導入,包含 Zaxby's、7 Brew 和 Scooter's Coffee 等,預計在下半年擴大導入各品牌,讓銷售成績有另一個指數性成長。「Berry 運用 AI 技術幫助業者優化成本、提升營收,創造巨大的效益。全美共有超過 20 萬間速食店,未來數年將有數萬間分店導入 AI 產品。」CEO Eric 說道。 Berry AI 的解決方案架構為 Edge AI 與混合雲的架構,產品則聚焦於協助美國速食業改善 Speed of Service,透過提供給客戶 AI-based Drive-Thru Timer System,以及店內的 Customer Journey 追蹤系統,協助客戶即時了解狀況、找到問