COSCUP 2016 Call for Presentation / Workshop 即日起開始徵稿


Besides the usual COSCUP talks, panels, unconference, workshops, and lightning talks, we’ve added a few new tracks in COSCUP 2016, which will be hosted on Aug 20-21. You can submit your presentation proposal before the end of April 24th.

The main theme of this year is “Toward the Future: To inherit, lay the foundation, and break the boundaries.” We are seeking for inspiring talks about how mentors and mentees work together in the Open Source world. Also, you can show your new projects in 15 minutes and get feedback in the new "Lay the Foundations" track.

COSCUP 2016 is going to featured a special track -- a whole track of talks about Apache Software Foundation, the unsung hero for many important FLOSS projects. If your proposal has something to do with ASF, please don't forget to mention it within your submission.

Besides the main theme talks and the special track mentioned above, we accept Workshop proposals and other OSS-related proposal, as usual. Check the full Call for Presentation for more details.

Important Info

Should you have any questions, please contact program@coscup.org.

今年的 COSCUP 將在 2016/8/20-21 舉辦。此次新增「傳承」與「扎根」兩類形式,議程型態更多元,歡迎各界人士於 2016/4/24 前投稿,請參考完整徵稿說明與投稿網址

COSCUP 2016 的年度主題為「融通:傳承、扎根與跨界」,大會將邀請數組「師徒」同台分享專題、與大眾切磋;「扎根」軌則提供比閃電秀稍長的時間,讓您展現 OSS 相關專案的概念/雛形,以獲得回饋甚至媒合同好。

今年的 COSCUP 更特別徵求與 Apache 軟體基金會(Apache Software Foundation)相關稿件,與 ASF 相關的議題可在投稿時勾選相關選項,更有機會列入此主題議程軌。

另外 COSCUP 也如同往常,招募 Workshop 形式的投稿,讓社群用來教學、協作、做自己的演講分享規劃。

除了上述針對今年主題的議程之外,也歡迎您投稿各式與 Open Source 相關的演講。


  • 完整徵稿說明與投稿網址,請見 https://goo.gl/nXB0Np
  • 投稿期限:April 24th, 2016. 23:59 (UTC+8)
  • 議程公佈:Early June, 2016.

如有任何問題,歡迎來信詢問: program@coscup.org


COSCUP x KCD Taiwan 2022 CfP is now open, submit your proposal before May 23th, 2022.

We have pleasure to work with KCD Taiwan to have a joint conference this year. We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 23th, 2022. After the review process from the coordinators, we will publish the full programme in early June. Please note that the length of each agenda is preset to 30 minutes, only the specific tracks are open to other agenda lengths for selection, which will be filled in on the second page of the registration form.  In the submission type on the first page of the registration form, please select the default value (30 mins) . 今年 COSCUP 我們很榮幸與 KCD Taiwan 合作舉辦聯合研討會,並且如往常,徵求各式各樣不同的 Open Source 相關稿件。請於 5 月 23 日前投稿,或可參考本頁下方各議程軌資訊。    請注意,每場議程長度預設為 30 分鐘 ,惟指定議程軌開放其他議程長度進行選擇,會在報名表單第二頁進行填寫,報名表單第一頁的 提交型態 中,請選擇預設值。 Submit your proposal Important Dates Submission deadline: May 23th, 2022, Anywhere on Earth!(截稿時間) Full programme published: Early July (預定公佈時間) COSCUP x KCD 2022: July 30th - July 31th, at National Taiw

虛擬場地開放時間表 / All virtual venue’s opening hours

以下是所有虛擬場地開放的時間表 Those are our all virtual venue’s opening hours. Opening Hours 7/30 7/31 8/01 入口區 ENTRANCE 24H 24H 24H 攤位區 Booth 1 / Booth 2 CLOSED 10:00 18:00 10:00 18:00 Party | BoF Party 1 / Party 2 17:30 22:00 17:30 22:00 CLOSED 如果你正在找線上議程轉播,可以直接前往 COSCUP’s YouTube Channel . If you are looking for the online conference streaming, please go to COSCUP’s YouTube Channel .

利用 Jitsi 建立個人化的視訊會議平台

  近期因為疫情的關係,越來越多企業開始實施分流或在家工作,視訊會議的需求也日益增加。 在商用解決方案選擇上,有不少企業會選擇知名品牌的產品,例如  Cisco Webex 、 Google Meet 、 Microsoft Teams 、 Zoom  都是很不錯的方案。 KKBOX 集團在去年便試行及做好充分 work from home 的準備,今年五月也因應疫情升溫,全員 work from home 至今兩個月有餘。 當然,取之 Open Source,也要對社群有些貢獻。在這一屆 COSCUP,我們要來介紹 Open Source 圈中也很知名,效果也很不錯的一套視訊會議平台: Jitsi 。 除了基本的視訊會議功能外,在最後我們也會示範如何透過 Jitsi 畫面輸出到 YouTube/Twitch 或其他支援 RTMP 的平台進行直播。 由於篇幅有限,且 Jitsi 可以調整的細節非常多。今天我們純粹很快速的示範,如何簡單的建置出一個 Jitsi 環境,並提供單場會議內容錄影或直播。 Jitsi 的文件可以在 這裡 找到。 今天透過 AWS Lightsail 的 $10/month instance(1 core CPU + 2GB RAM + 60GB SSD),作業系統則是 Ubuntu 20.04 來示範。當然,使用其他 VPS 亦可,大同小異,這邊直接跳過 VPS 相關的建置過程。 *firewall 相關資料參考 這裡 及 這裡 。 針對系統做必要的更新 基本的 apt repository 更新: $ sudo apt update 因為後面要示範的會議錄影及直播需要使用 ALSA loopback device,如果是 EC2 or Lightsail 則需要額外安裝 generic kernel( 註 ): $ sudo apt install linux-image-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-extra- virtual 接著做系統套件們的更新: $ sudo apt dist-upgrade $ sudo apt autoremove 如果是 AWS EC2 or Lightsail 則需要另外再將預設的 AWS optimized kernel 移除( 註 ): $ su