HKOSCon 2019「COSCUP 特別軌」議程出爐

感謝大家對於 COSCUP 首次跨研討會合作如此支持,日前「HKOSCon 2019 『COSCUP 特別軌』」收到了不少稿件,經過與 HKOSCon 團隊討論後,我們選出了數個題目出征,所有講題都會以英文發表。

「COSCUP 特別軌」將於 HKOSCon 的第二天,也就是 2019/06/15 舉辦,相關票券事宜請緊盯 HKOSCon 官網。以下所有時間順序在大會前或有變動,以 HKOSCon 網站公佈為準。


10:00-10:30 Formal Verification on Smart Contract


For ethereum, 2016 might be a tough year, the DAO has been stolen 3.6 million ETH, equivalent of $70 million at that time, due to improper contract design. As a result, more and more automatic verification tool for smart contract come out to prevent potentially huge financial loss.

Today, we will be looking at how formal verification tools work on smart contract, how can we use mathematical proof to ensure the quality of program.

10:40-11:10 DApp Game - Blockchain random number generation method and implementation

(Huang Shih Chin(Xixi))

When users realized that the "application on the ICO was more important than the "token", the virtual currency began to decline in June 2018, prompting users in the market to pay attention to the development of the tokens. The development of DApp began to expand. The DApp industry recorded a turnover of 33.6 billion RMB in 2018. Almost 90% of the turnover comes from DApp games.

Because DApp game is built on the blockchain, it greatly restricts the gameplay. Currently, the common DApp games are: playing cards and dice.

This topic will introduce the DApp Gaming random number generation method on the market and analyze its advantages and disadvantages. And lead the audience together to implement the simple "solidity" version.

11:20-11:50 Decentralized data marketplace based on Distributed Ledgers

(林京樺 (Jing-Hua Lin), 陳冠廷 (Kuan-Ting Chen))

The value of data is not a new thing, whether in business or in warfare.

Either the goal of precision marketing or the material collection for machine learning, their intentions can be shorten into one word: data, the oil in the digital era.

Not surprisingly, data storage and marketplace turn into new challenges.In this session, we'll introduce an innovative type of data marketplace platform with distributed legder technology (DLT) to transform data into profits with better trust basic.

12:10-12:40 (A Talk about OSS Communities in Taiwan)

We will have a short talk about the OSS communities in Taiwan. This talk will be presented by COSCUP staff and the topic and speaker is still TBC.

12:50-13:20 A muggle promote Open Source pathways. Take COSCUP sponsorship team for example.

(Ying-Hsin Hsu)

The normal people who doesn't coding could promote Open Source projects or campaigns. We can do my best. People will know what is Open Source and its spirit by the public relation plan. Companies will know how to use Open Source upgrading their software by sponsor Open Source campaigns.

14:20-14:50 Plant Identification System with AI + AR

(Denken Chen, Wang Fumin, Nandalu)

A smart flower atlas, built on open source image recognition systems, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

We’ve done real-time identification mobile apps on iOS and Android, without ever taking a picture. We continue to collaborate with specialists to improve the system.

This project won 2018 g0v Civic Tech Grant. Landing page: https://plant-tw.github.io

15:00-15:30 Status-quo of TensorFlow Lite on

(Koan-Sin Tan)

AI, or more precisely neural network-based machine learning, is getting popular on edge devices. In this talk I'll review TensorFlow Lite + Android NN, the most popular open source NN frameworks on Android, and share my experience of using some recently new features of TFLite, such as TFLite GPU delegate.

15:40-16:10 Build a minimal DBMS from scratch by Rust

(Liu, An-Chi)

I will introduce to Rust, including the principles, the traits, and the current state of the Rust community. After that, I am going to talk about how to build a minimal DBMS from scratch - the StellarSQL project. In this talk, the following is covered. What is a DBMS? What is the architecture of the DBMS? What is the progress in developing the project? What are the existed resources in the community that I use for the developing? The speech would manifest that developing a small DBMS is fascinating and Rust is cool and powerful.

16:30-17:00 Decentralized Bare-Metal Operating System Provisioning

(Yu-Chiang Huang 黃宇強)

The EZIO Project proposes a reasonably efficient P2P soultion to deploy bare-metal operating system based on open source software technologies, such as libtorrent-rasterbar and CloneZilla. In this talk, we will discuss the difficult situation of bare-metal deployment in HPC or Cloud, and the performance, reliability and flexibility improvements on existing technologies, such as CloneZilla Multicast Mode.

EZIO has integrated in CloneZilla to provide 1-to-many bare-metal system provisioning on-the-fly, and tested successfully in HPC.

17:10-17:40 Homemade scientific clusters

(Taihsiang Ho)

As a great glue language, Python could (definitely) orchestrate many modern and powerful tools to build a scientific cluster. This talk will illustrate one of the real world examples, which is a cluster built and running on top of LXD/LXC/KVM/MaaS/public clouds so you may thus be a amateur CFD (computational fluid dynamics) or physics researcher.



COSCon 中國開源年會特別軌:「COSCUP 議程軌」徵稿開始!

COSCUP 於中國的國際交流特別議程軌開跑了!! 想從台灣交換至中國演講的朋友們別錯過了! COSCon 2023 官網 業界最具影響力的開源年度盛會 2023 第八屆中國開源年會 (COSCon’23) 將於 2023 年 10 月 28 日(星期六)- 29 日(星期日)在四川省成都市高新區菁蓉匯由開源社舉辦。 COSCon 以其獨特定位及日益增加的影響力,吸引越來越多的頂級企業和國際基金會的大力支持。與一般企業、IT 媒體、行業協會或國外基金會在國內所舉辦的行業大會大不相同的是,COSCon 除了吸引跨企業和跨項目社區的不同用戶之外,也專註於吸引國內外大咖開源開發者、貢獻者和提交者的關註及參與項目及其社區。 今年的 COSCon 以「開源:川流不息、山海相映」為主題。 我們相信,開源之水將如山川間的溪流,生生不息,永不枯竭,無論是「峰會」還是「海會」,總有一個能容納心向開源的你。 在「後新冠時代」的第一年,我們將採用「烽火模式」,即在主會議後再在有意向的城市舉辦 After Party,將全球聚集而來「開源火種」在全國傳遞,以促進各個城市的開源文化傳播和開源人交流。 目前擬舉辦 After Party 的城市有北京、上海、成都(如果您所在的城市也希望舉辦 Affer Party 歡迎和我們取得聯系)…… 我們策劃的論壇主題包括但不限於:人工智能、開源商業、雲計算、大數據、區塊鏈、物聯網、開源教育、開源文化、開源治理、開源硬件、開源操作系統、女性論壇、開源公益、Web應用開發、開源百寶箱以及閃電演講等。除了各種會議,我們還將舉辦極具特色的“開源市集”,“開源市集”除了有展商的展台,還有各種有意思的小活動、小遊戲,通過遊戲化、娛樂化的方式普及開源文化,倡導開源精神。 COSCUP 今年與 COSCon 進行講者交流合作,於台灣及中國之間交換講者,建立國際交流的重要機會,讓雙方講者都能夠來往交流,特別是提供台灣的開源人更有機會到中國發表演講。 我想要投稿✋ 徵稿期間:即日起~9/13 止 徵稿對象:願意配合 COSCUP / COSCon 對此專案相關宣傳及訪問者; (及需要有被中國接受的證件才能出國。) 徵稿內容:各式 Open Source 相關議題皆可投稿; 請參考 COSCon 今年徵稿論壇類別 (上述) 。 演講

COSCUP 啄事今蜚會前快報 第一期

COSCUP 啄事今蜚會前快報 第一期 2014年06月18日發行 距離大會剩下一個月的時間, 精彩的議程內容即將就定位,讓小啄帶大家來看看今年有些什麼精彩的吧! 從沒有人到超多人: g0v社群經驗 g0v.tw 是一個跨界的開源社群,由一些熟悉軟體開源文化的人開始,從最初期就致力拓展到其他非資訊領域,因此在社群的推動上有各種不同努力。將近兩年來,關注社群人數爆炸性成長,社群因此經歷數次危機。但透過 g0v 與NGO、政府等實體組織互動、加強社群基礎建設、深化參與的文化,社群核心價值與開幹精神至今能量依然不減。此 talk 將以 g0v 為例,分享跨界社群的成長經驗,以及從開源社群拓展到民主深化的初步成果。 State of the unison: g0v 村情咨文 從 2012 底開始的 g0v 運動,成功集結開放源碼社群,並輸出開源文化至各領域,促使公民高效率協作,解決問題。本次演講將回顧 g0v 社群的成果,包括專案、與 gov 合作、國際交流,以及未來展望。 DevRel 的再思考   俺可以来讲讲大陆开源技术社区这12年. 相似演讲: - 幻灯: https://speakerdeck.com/ zoomquiet/140330-ostc-just4fun - 录音: http://zoomq.qiniudn.com/ CPyUG/140330-OSTC/ 140330_ostc_pm1_zoomquiet.MP3 - 录像: http://v.youku.com/v_show/ id_XNjk2OTcyODQ4.html" 更多議程請見 http://coscup.org/2014/zh-tw/program/

補文:Conference: Impossible! 的 COSCUP 2009

COSCUP 2009 總召 pingooo 在 2009 年寫了三篇有關 COSCUP 的文章,這是 第三篇 ,轉貼到 COSCUP 部落格留個記錄。 唉呀,都 2010 年了,才來寫舉辦 COSCUP 2009 研討會的回顧不會太慢了嗎? 這實在是我自己懶,加上有些帳款比較晚才收到(好像也和我有關 :p),整個 COSCUP 2009 的會計帳前一陣子才結清,要謝謝辛苦對帳的 Layla 和 Jouston。 我另有一篇有關 COSCUP 2009 籌備時期點滴的「 pingooo 總召的碎碎唸 」,是為了大會手冊在大會前三週寫的。辦活動是越接近活動日越緊張,這篇就來寫寫最後那幾週刺激好玩的事、順便 把一些總帳算一算 講講夥伴們不可磨滅的功勞、也履行一下之前說會公開研討會財務的承諾好了。 難得見面的熱血工作夥伴 既歡樂又驚險的大會手冊 COSCUP 物流中心 北京烤鴨爐 COSCUP 花絮照片 COSCUP 名句 好好玩的閃電秀 人客來買唷! 書展 COSCUP 精品街 我們也有吉祥物! 記憶足跡 互相漏氣求進步 數據來了! 誌謝 結束了... 片尾功勞簿 難得見面的熱血工作夥伴 還記得 2008 年底的時候,說話一向一針見血的 Pofeng 發了一封信問幾個朋友 COSCUP 2009 要不要辦,說: 不過我要提醒一下 Ping ; COSCUP 的籌備人力一直不足 休息一年, 我也覺得無妨, 如果 COSCUP 2010 再需要小弟, 小弟也願效犬馬之勞 還好有輔導長 lman 的組織動員能力和各工頭的努力招募,往年一向籌備人力不足的 COSCUP,在 2009 年有了戲劇性的轉變。COSCUP 2009 雖然在台北舉行,但工作夥伴來自各地:台北、基隆、桃園、新竹、台中、嘉義、台南、高雄。都是志工的夥伴們,只能靠工作之餘的時間投入,彼此之間很少見面,完全依賴各種網路工具來討論、協調大小事,這樣也可以辦出一個 兩天兩地450人的歡樂研討會 ,現在想起來還是覺得不可思議!所有夥伴的熱血、主動積極、體諒彼此和相互扶持,是這一切成功的原因。 既歡樂又驚險的大會手冊 在 Ijs 的設計之下,COSCUP 2009 有一本印刷精美的大會手冊,整個研討會的