COSCUP 2017 Community Booths -- apply NOW! 社群攤位招募開跑啦!

(中文在下面)Your attention please, application for COSCUP community booths is open NOW! Apart from our exciting sessions, COSCUP is also a place for FLOSS community to meet and share.For FLOSS communities, You mustn't miss this chance to set up an booth in COSCUP, a great opportunity to introduce yourself, showcase your work, and getting people involved with thousands of open source contributors and hobbyists all around Taiwan.Ready to join? Just follow the instructions and fill in the application form below!How to Apply:Application Deadline: July 7, 2017Result Announcement: July 15, 2017, and will notify by mail too.Applicants: FLOSS (Free software/open source related) communities, and non-profits that uses or promotes free software or open source software.Application Form: In the link below.About the boothsItems provided:(After your community booth is confirmed, we’ll provide a more detailed booth specification.)One table (180 x 60 cm), with two chairs, notice that there’s a chance t…

Submit your talk to COSCUP 2017 community rooms!

This year, you can submit your talk to following communities directly. We will publish the full programme in early July. The deadline of talk-submission depends on the communities, each topic might have different due date, so be sure to check it first with them.If you can't find the right topic below, you can still submit your talk with this form, we will forward your proposal to a related community.All the talks will possibly recorded and the video clips will be released under CC:BY-SA. If you have something in your talk that cannot be recorded or release under CC, please do leave a note in your proposal.Room5th Aug6th Aug08:45-09:1509:20-12:2014:00-17:0009:00-12:0013:40-16:4016:40-17:00101Opening(TBC)Workflaws and Workflows in HackingOpen Source Farm Innovation(TBC)Closing102(不開放)Open Source DatabaseRustDesktop Software(不開放)201Open Web Technologies(TBC)Android202Open Document FormatChineseThe Art of Conducting Open Community303WordPressLinux Kernel / System / CodersEmacs305Ether…

COSCUP 2017 社群議程:主題與協力社群

UPDATE: 最新資訊請見完整正式公告經過兩週投稿,恭喜以下各社群成為 COSCUP 2017 的議程協力夥伴;這些社群將各自使出渾身解數,帶給大家精彩的議程,敬請拭目以待!想要投稿議程的朋友,可以逕自向相關社群投稿;若您不確定自己的稿件較適合哪一個社群,屆時亦將提供表單,由我們協助您轉發到相關社群。那麼以下就是各社群的主題一覽,您可點擊聯絡 / 投稿的連結前往該社群的連絡處或徵稿說明。COSCUP 大會將可能在您演講時錄影、轉播、或在大會結束後將影片上網並以創用 CC 姓名標示-相同方式分享 4.0 國際版條款釋出供大眾使用。如果您因特殊情況無法配合此錄影需求,請在稿件中加註原因。主題:Hackers 的盲腸與日常 - Workflaws and Workflows in Hacking「盲腸」中,參加者探討常見解法背後的 Root cause;「日常」中,參加者分享自己的工作流程。協力社群: Hacking Thursday (H4)TOSSUG (Taipei Open Source Software User Group)聯繫 / 投稿處: 投稿傳送門主題:Open Source Database涵括開源資料庫系統(RDBMS、NoSQL 等都算)的開發與應用實例。協力社群:Taiwan MySQL User Group聯繫 / 投稿處:投稿傳送門主題:農業 x 科技 x 開源內容包括了 2016 年以來結合農業X科技X開源的一些計畫與實驗成果。如 Farm bot/田間感測器/NDVI Camera... 等。協力社群:Open Hack Farm聯繫 / 投稿處: 投稿傳送門主題:Open Web Technologies泛指所有遵循網路標準的技術,例如時下 Web 前端聲勢浩大的 React、在 Web 端建構 VR 環境的 A-FRAME、最新的 ECMAScript 標準、增進網站效能的 AMP 與 PWA 或是瀏覽器相關的技術細節等等。協力社群:MozTW (Mozilla 台灣社群)聯繫 / 投稿處:投稿傳送門主題:桌面應用軟體 Desktop Software專注於桌面領域的自由暨開源軟體,包含桌面端作業系統、辦公軟體、3D 建模、繪圖等。協力社群: l10n-twFedora TaiwanChakra聯繫 / 投稿處:投稿傳送門主題:L…

Open Source Contributor (OSC) ticket of COSCUP'17: apply before 5/28

COSCUP 2017 is now accepting the Open Source Contributor (OSC) application before 5/28. (Link & method: https://goo.gl/forms/Lk3LgmwizozdTpkE3) This year, COSCUP 2017 still accept open source contributors and oversea attendees to apply for reservation tickets. Applicants should provide your contributions as much as possible and read the method.The process of OSC applicationYou need to fill the form (https://goo.gl/forms/Lk3LgmwizozdTpkE3) and provide your information.If your application is accepted, we will send an email to you and give you the invitation code. Otherwise, we will ask you to provide more information or just turn down.The process is not over now!!! Please redeem the invitation code on the registration system (will be announced later), and select OSC tickets for registration. If you feel good about COSCUP and would like to support financially, you can choose donate $500 NTD to COSCUP during the registering process.If you have any question, please contact attendee@cos…

COSCUP 2017 開源貢獻者保留票開始接受申請!

COSCUP 2017 開源貢獻者保留票開始接受申請!並於 5 月 28 日截止申請,各位開源貢獻者請把握時間報名!(申請連結與辦法:https://goo.gl/forms/Lk3LgmwizozdTpkE3 )今年,COSCUP 2017 開源貢獻者保留票依舊接受開源貢獻者與海外參與者的申請,請大家申請時盡量附上貢獻證據,並閱讀申請辦法,以利審查流程進行。開源貢獻者票申請與使用流程請填寫表單(https://goo.gl/forms/Lk3LgmwizozdTpkE3 ),等到審核完畢後,會發一封信到申請者的信箱,並提供邀請碼或要求您補件或婉拒您的申請。這時候!你!還!沒!成!功!報!名!請拿著這個邀請碼到報名系統上報名,選擇「 OSC tickets / 開源貢獻者票」(如果您喜歡 COSCUP 可以隨手捐個 500 元香油錢當作 COSCUP 籌辦的花費),到這邊你才真正報名完成。有任何問題請聯絡 attendee@coscup.org重要日期5/28:申請截止日6/2:補件通知6/10:申請結果通知6/14:開放開源貢獻者報名

Submit your Community Room application for COSCUP 17 before 8th May!

Community Rooms are assigned to self-organising groups to work, share, and discuss issues around an open-source-related topic. The application should be submitted before 8th May.You can decide the content and format in your Community Room.You can decide the duration of each sections and the whole schedule in your Community Room.Please check out the Rules and submit your application here.Key dates:8th May Deadline for Community Room application10th May Accepted Community Room announced on blog.coscup.org12th May Community Room coordinators provide an URL of Call for Proposal23rd June Community Room coordinators provide the complete schedule1st July Full schedule published on COSCUP.org (TBC)5th-6th Aug COSCUP 2017Apply for a Community Room now!.

COSCUP 2017 社群議程申請,5/8 日截止

COSCUP 2017 的社群議程即日起開始接受申請,並將於 5 月 8 日截止申請,請有興趣在今年與我們共襄盛舉的社群把握機會!申請請按此。過去 COSCUP 也曾數次採用社群議程方式,包括 2008 以前、2013 年都是與社群協調,將某個時段交由該社群規劃。今年的方式又再大膽了許多,有以下特點:自訂議程時長:各社群可以自己決定每段議程的時間,無論 15 分鐘、30 分鐘、45 分鐘,甚至直接開設 3 個小時的工作坊都可以。自訂休息時間:各社群可以決定是否有休息時間,或是連番上陣。自行招募議程:COSCUP 官網將協助欲投稿的人前往各社群自行投稿,而各社群也可以自己決定怎麼決定議程表。今年社群議程招募將走閃電團路線,幾個重要日期茲列如下:05/08 「社群議程」截止申請05/10 於 COSCUP Blog 公布通過的社群議程05/12 通過的社群議程提供徵稿資訊連結06/23 社群提供所配發時段內的完整議程表預定 07/01 COSCUP 2017 總議程表發布。08/05 ~ 08/06 COSCUP 2017!其他規則及申請書見此,快跟社群同夥討論一下,即刻申請吧