COSCUP 2018 Community Choice: the TOP 3!

Last few days, over 200 people joined the COSCUP 2018 Community Choice vote. Now it's time to publish the result:The 3rd place is Blockchain -- not so surprise huh?  It's pretty hot in these days and we even have two group apply for a Community Room of this topic! The 2nd place goes to SDN x Cloud Native, a joint Community Room by CNTUG, SDNDS.TW, DigitalOcean Hsinchu, and Golang.TW. This is also one of the most popular tracks in CfP, it's always nice to see people participated in COSCUP. And finally, the 1st place belongs to an old friend -- Open Source Software Development & Management by Hacking Thursday! Since 2008, H4 successfully established a strong community while maintaining a casual but serious attitude. Amazing work H4!Congratulations for the top Community Rooms! As we mentioned before, we will have VIP tickets for them and also the voters of these track. Here are the lucky ones: Blockchain suOOOOOO@gOOOOOO.com luOOOOOO@sOOOOOO.comluOOOOOO@gOOOOOO.comaiOO…

COSCUP 全議程軌資訊! Information about the tracks this year (submit your talk now!)

Here, we list all the tracks (Community Rooms) this year with their detail, so you can check them in one page -- okay, no excuses now, submit your proposal to COSCUP 2018!我們把今年所有的議程軌徵稿資訊都放在這裡以方便您閱讀,那麼看完以後快快來投稿吧GNOME.Asia SummitAndroid 開源專案Arch Linux Taiwan & ArchersBlockchainData Science PlaygroundDrupal 的一生、網站的醫生FOSS Compliance - Complex Made SimpleInternet Governance and Digital Privacy / 網路治理與數位隱私Julia LanguageKernel & Coding Serfs & SystemLet’s read the source code / 帶您讀源碼Make Technology Policies Open / 科技社群如何參與科技政策規劃? 你真的需要搞一個政黨出來嗎?Open Source DatabaseOpen GISOpen Source Farm InnovationOpen Source Software Development & ManagementRubySDN x Cloud NativeAD 廣告時間Click here to vote for your favorite community rooms!
議程人氣投稿已經開跑囉~快來幫你喜歡的議程軌投票吧 點我! GNOME.Asia SummitGNOME.Asia Summit 2018 invites proposals for presentations at the conference.GNOME.Asia Summit is the featured annual GNOME conference in Asia. It focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop, but also covers applica…

COSCUP 2017 會後記錄 - 財務報告

COSCUP 2017 財務摘要:收入支出摘要 COSCUP 2017 財務報告,僅摘要屬於 2017 年份的收入與支出狀況。

收入   外幣   台幣   總計收入        義賣收入 NT$65,490.00       贊助收入 NT$2,180,000.00       贊助收入 - 外幣           贊助收入-美元 $8,780.00
       贊助收入 - 個人贊助 NT$360,525.00總收入NT$2,888,663.39支出   金額   總計支出        稅務成本 NT$185,430.00             稅務成本-美元        營運成本              行銷費 NT$307,616.00             非義務工作人員費用 NT$4,400.00             保險 NT$7,371.00             設備與器材費 NT$453,883.00             場地費 NT$554,900.00             會眾費用-食物,交通車 NT$173,700.00             義務工作人員費用 NT$333,430.00             網站費用 NT$6,802.00             講者及主持人費用 NT$81,438.00       營運費用              金流服務商代收手續費 NT$22,359.00             匯款手續費 NT$2,813.39             運費 NT$17,450.00             雜支 NT$3,116.00總支出NT$2,154,708.39淨收入 於期間
(2017/06/01~2018/4/30)NT$728,806.19 支出科目 支出科目(2016/05/01~2017/06/30)

Vote for your favorite Community Rooms, and get a VIP ticket of COSCUP 2018!

(Photo from sunline, CC:BY-NC-ND)有中文翻譯,請看下去!Welcome to the very first "COSCUP Community Choice" Vote!Here, we list the communities in the Community Room program (which means they will have their own track in COSCUP 2018,) you can cast your votes before 5/18 23:59 (UTC+8) for the Community Room(s) you are going to participate in COSCUP 2018. You can choose at most 3 Community Rooms.歡迎來到第一屆社群議程 Community Room 的票選活動!我們列出了今年參與的各社群議程主題,您可以在 5/18 前選出自己最有興趣在 COSCUP 2018 期間參與的議程軌,每人最多三票! VOTE NOW!But Why? 幹嘛這樣?One of the most asked question from the Community Room coordinators was "Can we have a few tickets for our community members?"Well... it was planned that we only reserve tickets for the Community Room coordinators, but not their community members this year -- we encourage all the Open Source Contributors to apply for a VIP ticket via the OSC program!有個社群協調人超級常問的問題:「大會可以保留入場券給我們的社群成員嗎?你知道的票不好搶...」。這個過去常有的制度,今年本來刻意設計成沒有,我們希望所有社群的參與者都試著從「開源貢獻方案」取得 VIP 票券。 But on second t…

COSCUP 2018 CfP is open! Submit your proposal before May 25th, 2018.

Finally, the CfP of COSCUP 2018 is here!(中文見下方)We have pleasure to work with GNOME.Asia Summit to have a joint conference this year, plus 16 Community Room tracks and special tracks hosted by the staff, makes COSCUP 2018 a 15-parallel-tracks conference -- wow! Thanks to all the community members to make it happen.We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 25th, 2018. After the review process from the coordinators, we will publish the full programme in early July.All the talks will possibly be recorded and the video clips will be released under CC:BY-SA 4.0. If you have something in your talk that cannot be recorded or released under CC, please do leave a note in your proposal.Important dates:Submission deadline: May 25th, 2018Full programme published: Early JulyCOSCUP 2018: Aug 11-12 (with welcome party at 10th night), at National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologySubmit your proposal here!今年 COSCUP 我們很榮幸再度與 GNOME.Asi…

社群議程: Submit your Community Room application for COSCUP `18 before March 26th!

UPDATE: The Q&A section in the online community call for the program has been uploaded, see the end of this post.Community Rooms are assigned to self-organizing groups to work, share, and discuss issues around an open-source-related topic. The application should be submitted before March 26th.You can decide the content and format in your Community Room.You can decide the duration of each section and the whole schedule in your Community Room.Key dates:March 26th: Deadline for Community Room applicationApril 6th: Accepted Community Room announced on blog.coscup.orgApril 15th: Community Room coordinators provide information of Call for ProposalJune 8th: Community Room coordinators provide the complete scheduleEarly July: Full schedule published on COSCUP.org (TBC)Mid-AUG at Taipei: COSCUP 2018Apply for a Community Room now!COSCUP 2018 的社群議程即日起開始接受申請,並將於 3 月 26 日截止申請,請有興趣在今年與我們共襄盛舉的社群把握機會!申請請按此。COSCUP 社群議程提供場地與行政協助,您可以在此舉辦一整天關於特定開源議題的討論、座談、工作坊等。特色包括:自訂議程時長:各社群可以自己決定每段議程的時間,無論 15 分鐘、30…

COSCUP 2018 開源貢獻者保留票申請,提早開跑!

超級早鳥!COSCUP 2018 提早開放開源貢獻者報名!

只要符合以下資格,就馬上來申請明年的 COSCUP 入場卷吧,我們歡迎大家參與開源專案的開發、推廣與各式參與。

# 開源貢獻者資格

由 2017/5/29 到現在,實際針對開源專案提供開發、推廣、或其他有助專案進展之貢獻者,提出貢獻相關證明即可報名。

    - 開源專案意指專案成果以 FSF 或 OSI  認同之公眾授權條款釋出者
    - 所提出之貢獻,必須可以經由公開途徑查證(例如提供 GitHub、Google Code、SourceForge 等公開專案平台上的討論紀錄、網址、commit log、信件文本、公開釋出之演講投影片紀錄等。)

# 海外參與者

你身在海外,雖想回台參與 COSCUP,但並非貢獻者又害怕搶不到票嗎?COSCUP 歡迎所有的海外人士前來參加!只要你居住在海外、承諾與會,並願意於 SNS 或個人 blog 公佈自己即將與會之訊息,即使非貢獻者或講者,也將優先獲得我們的 VIP 邀請。請在報名表上註明您的出發地,我們將再與您聯絡。

# 申請方法