Making AI easy ! 和 Appier 一起打造世界級 AI 應用 !

Making AI easy! 和Appier一起打造世界級AI應用

Appier 成立於 2012 年,是一家專注於人工智慧與跨螢技術的新創公司,以人工智慧技術為基礎幫助企業解決跨螢世代的各種複雜難題,並讓更多領域的企業透過人工智慧應用擬定最佳的商業策略。Appier 由一群充滿熱情的電腦、資訊科學家以及網路行銷專家所組成,成員從 Google、Intel、Yahoo 等知名企業而來,技術團隊則來自於擁有豐富人工智慧研究成果的哈佛及史丹佛大學。 Appier總部設於台北,目前在新加坡、東京、吉隆坡、胡志明市、馬尼拉、香港、孟買、新德里、雅加達、首爾、雪梨、曼谷和大阪等14個城市設有營運據點,為超過500家知名品牌與代理商提供優質服務。


  • 具競爭力的薪酬獎金制度:優渥的薪資水準、股票選擇權。
  • 員工保險:除法定保險外,我們更提供完善的團體保險,給予同仁更貼心的保障。
  • 優秀人才推薦獎金制度:透過推薦獎金制度獎勵員工推薦優秀人才,為Appier團隊找到志同道合的好夥伴,注入新能量。
  • 特休假制度:優於勞基法的休假天數,員工到職後即可依當年度在職比例享有特休假。
  • 訓練發展:鼓勵同仁不斷精進學習,定期舉辦教育訓練及研討會,並不定期邀請海內外優秀講者至Appier進行座談會。
  • 多元福利活動:辦公室免費供應各式飲料及點心、每週舉辦Happy Hour、部門聚餐、團隊凝聚活動,與福委會各類活動。
  • 優質工作環境:寬敞明亮且舒適的辦公環境。
  • 國際化職場環境:與國內外AI大數據研發、行銷與管理等優秀人才共事,快速提升國際視野與競爭力。


Machine Learning Scientist

Task of the role

  1. Use machine learning and analytical techniques to build prediction model for advertising/enterprise solutions.
  2. Experience in analyzing and extracting valuable information from large amounts of business data
  3. Design, develop and test advanced models for predictive consumer behavior
  4. Co-operate with software engineering teams to drive real-time model implementations and new feature creations
  5. Design efficient, scalable, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation and model implementation
  6. Research and evaluate pioneering machine learning and statistical model

Backend Engineer

Task of the role

  1. Develop and operate scalable, reliable and maintainable service-based software and related components.
  2. Cowork with team members to design system architecture, choose proper technologies and plan development.
  3. Design & develop server-side architecture & function logic of new services
  4. Design and maintain database schemas for new services
  5. Ensures the scalability of the system
  6. Ensure the high performance of responsiveness to requests from the front-end
  7. Integrate the front-end modules built by your coworkers into new services
  8. Responsible for laying the foundation for the platform as well as proposing solutions to ease software development, monitoring of software, etc.
  9. Profiling and performance tuning of critical components
  10. Deploy system to production and monitor service health
  11. Participate in idea brainstorming and contribute ideas to technology, algorithms and products

Frontend Engineer

Task of the role

  1. Design & develop front-end architecture & interactive user interfaces
  2. Integrate the back-end modules built by your coworkers into new services
  3. Ensures the flexibility of front-end architecture
  4. Ensure the high performance of responsiveness
  5. Build reusable code and libraries for future use
  6. Build unit tests and test automation
  7. Perform code reviews to ensure existing code stay high-quality, fast, and flexible
  8. Handle and resolve issues escalated from the production operational environment
  9. Participate in idea brainstorming and contribute ideas to technology, algorithms and products


  • Data Backend Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Tech Support Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Campaign Analyst
  • Sales Manager



虛擬場地開放時間表 / All virtual venue’s opening hours

以下是所有虛擬場地開放的時間表 Those are our all virtual venue’s opening hours. Opening Hours 7/30 7/31 8/01 入口區 ENTRANCE 24H 24H 24H 攤位區 Booth 1 / Booth 2 CLOSED 10:00 18:00 10:00 18:00 Party | BoF Party 1 / Party 2 17:30 22:00 17:30 22:00 CLOSED 如果你正在找線上議程轉播,可以直接前往 COSCUP’s YouTube Channel . If you are looking for the online conference streaming, please go to COSCUP’s YouTube Channel .

COSCUP x KCD Taiwan 2022 CfP is now open, submit your proposal before May 23th, 2022.

We have pleasure to work with KCD Taiwan to have a joint conference this year. We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 23th, 2022. After the review process from the coordinators, we will publish the full programme in early June. Please note that the length of each agenda is preset to 30 minutes, only the specific tracks are open to other agenda lengths for selection, which will be filled in on the second page of the registration form.  In the submission type on the first page of the registration form, please select the default value (30 mins) . 今年 COSCUP 我們很榮幸與 KCD Taiwan 合作舉辦聯合研討會,並且如往常,徵求各式各樣不同的 Open Source 相關稿件。請於 5 月 23 日前投稿,或可參考本頁下方各議程軌資訊。    請注意,每場議程長度預設為 30 分鐘 ,惟指定議程軌開放其他議程長度進行選擇,會在報名表單第二頁進行填寫,報名表單第一頁的 提交型態 中,請選擇預設值。 Submit your proposal Important Dates Submission deadline: May 23th, 2022, Anywhere on Earth!(截稿時間) Full programme published: Early July (預定公佈時間) COSCUP x KCD 2022: July 30th - July 31th, at National Taiw

全線上舉辦!COSCUP x RubyConfTW 2021 will be an entirely Virtual Event.

COSCUP x RubyConfTW 2021 將於 07/31~08/01 線上舉辦! 籌備團隊針對 COVID-19 疫情之因應,依據指揮中心之警戒標準,決議今年將以 YouTube 直播加上 Live Q&A 的方式進行。 仍舊希望能讓大家參與我們的會期活動 (會前派對、聽議程、大拜拜、逛攤位),為此我們計畫使用 Gather Town 的服務,打造可以開心聊天交流、安心線上參與的遠距虛擬會議環境! In response to the COVID-19 level 3 warning from CECC Taiwan, COSCUP x RubyConfTW 2021 will change to a virtual event this year, from Jul 31 to Aug 1. We will use YouTube’s service: lectures will be uploaded, and the Q&A interaction part will be live streaming. For the pre-conf party and other exhibition interactions, we plan to use Gather Town to bring the best experience to our participants. Stay home, and enjoy the online version COSCUP x RubyConfTW 2021!