COSCUP 2023 - Early Bird - Call for Proposals

COSCUP 2023 Early Bird Call for Proposals

Welcome to the Early Bird Call for Proposals of COSCUP 2023!

New this year, for the first time in COSCUP’s history, we are doing Early Bird Call for Proposals . By recognizing the international air travel is resumed, now have access to earlier submission to better prepare our potential speakers to attend the 2023 COSCUP.


COSCUP is an annual conference organized by the Taiwanese Open source community since 2006. COSCUP aims to provide a platform to connect Open Source coders, users and promoters, while promoting FLOSS within the annual conference. The conference is free to attend and all the staff are volunteers.

We had more than 2800 attendees last year, and we believe this year there will be more. It is the biggest open source gathering in Taiwan, and the attendees are mostly developers, along with some power users and FLOSS promoters and lovers. Here is an album of our previous events:

Where is Taiwan? Find it on Google maps

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

If you implemented an open source solution or product, or participated in a project that uses FOSS. Serving as a sole or co-core maintainer in open source projects. Open sourcing internal tools and platforms. Using GitHub as a platform from which to host/maintain/maintain projects. Using /integrating external open source code into an existing product/code base. Using open source license – knowledge of and familiarity with. Creating/Developing/working in an environment with an open source governance policy. Open source projects encompass all topics related to open collaboration research and practice, including open source, open data, open science, open education, wikis, and related social media, Wikipedia, and IT-driven open innovation research.

Types of Contributions

You can submit two types of proposals to the Call for Proposals:

  • Open source
  • Open culture

Talk Submission Timeframe / Milestones

  • Conference Date: July 29-July 30, 2023(AoE)
  • Early bird Call For Proposals submissions: begin-March 1, 2023(AoE)
  • Early bird Call for Proposals deadline: March 31th, 2023(AoE)
  • Early bird call Acceptance Notification:April 30th, 2023(AoE)

Tips for speakers

At COSCUP we share OSS values and promote access to the open source projects/talks/products that champions inclusivity, and displays transparency. All this while creating a variety of voices and ideas, and focused on a meritocracy of collaboration and community.

If you are considering sending a proposal to our Call for Proposals, consider the following:

  • Please note that each talk is 30 mins a session, including opening and Q&A

What we expect from you as a speaker

  • If after you have confirmed participation, you or the co-authors are no longer able to present, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Please follow our COSCUP Code of Conduct.
  • All talks at COSCUP are all under Creative Commons license which grants the public permission to use your creative work under copyright law.

Community Review

We have hand-picked open source communities to review all proposals.

Conference Location

How to submit your proposal

You need to sign up for a new account on our system. With an activated account, you can fill up the speaker profile and create new proposals through the Proposal System page.


  • Q1: Why Early Bird CFP?
    We want to make our conference as inclusive as possible which means in order to serve people who don’t live in Taiwan to have enough time to prepare their travel plans to Taiwan and to encourage more international speakers to come visit us at COSCUP with their physical present.

  • Q2: Any differences between this CFP then the past one?
    We normally have CFP at around end of April, but the "Early Bird CFP" is bring itself earlier then any other community tracks.

  • Q3: If I am in Taiwan can I still participate?
    Yes, Please!

  • Q4: Which track will my proposal fall into?
    We will arrange your topic according to the proper track!

  • Q5: What are the differences between community track and mix track?
    COSCUP is organized by different open source communities, hence the”Community Track” is organized by other non-COSCUP open source community, and “Mix Track” is organized by COSCUP, and the proposals are evaluated by our committee members.

  • Q6: How do we get inform on April 30th Early bird Call for Proposals deadline?
    You will receive an email notification to know if your proposal has been accepted by COSCUP or not.

  • Q7: If I miss the early bird CFP deadline, can I still submit my talk later on?
    Yes, later on we will have another regular CFP, you can still submit your talks before the deadline.

  • Q8: If I didn’t get accepted on Early Bird CFP, can I still submit my proposal later on this year before the regular CFP deadline?
    If you didn’t get accepted on Early Bird CFP, we will keep your talks on regular CFP, when we start our regular CFP, you can edit your talks again and submit your talks before our CFP deadline.

COSCUP Early Bird CfP 開始徵稿啦

全球疫情趨緩,各國也逐漸開啟了大門。相信熱愛「開放文化」與「開源技術」的您,不論身處在世界何處,也想一同參加 COSCUP 盛會。為了讓您的稿件在通過後有更加充裕的時間做準備。也為了讓在非台灣地區的您能提早準備來台計畫。為此,我們推出「CfP - Early Bird」方案,適合想做好時間規劃的您。

我們非常期待您能再次回到 COSCUP 和其他社群朋友見面,並在現場分享您寶貴的經驗。


重要時程(所有截止時間皆為 AoE)

  • 大會日期: 2023 年 07 月 29 - 2023 年 07 月 30 日
  • Early Bird CfP 開放徵稿:2023 年 03 月 01 日
  • Early Bird CfP 投稿截止:2023 年 03 月 31 日
  • Early Bird CfP 稿件錄取通知:2023 年 04 月 30 日前通知


  • 地點:國立臺灣科技大學
  • 地址:106 台北市大安區基隆路四段 43 號


  • 與「開放文化」及「開源技術」相關即可


  • 30 mins(包含開場與 Q&A 時間)


  • 需同意錄影預設以 cc 釋出。


  • 「尊重與您相同或不相同的其他人」應該是社會的基本協定,無論是否身在 COSCUP 都應該有此意識,本文關注範圍暫且限定在 COSCUP 所有線上線下頻道,並涵括大會期間以及大會相關的會前、會後工作。請全體參與者共同維護此守則。並請詳細參考我們的行為準則


  • Q1:為什麼要有這個計畫?
    • 主要是為了方便讓投稿者您能有更充裕的時間準備稿件,以及在非台灣地區的投稿者能提早準備來台計畫。
  • Q2:和往年 CfP 有何差異?
    • 往年的 CfP 活動是與「社群軌」一起進行的綜合徵稿活動(四月底開始)。而此次的「Early Bird CfP 計畫」是早於綜合徵稿活動的計畫。
  • Q3:在台灣的我是否可以參加?
    • 可以。
  • Q4:錄取後稿件會到哪軌?
    • 錄取後的提案會後續依主題安排至適合的議程軌。
  • Q5:什麼是「社群軌」?與「綜合軌」有什麼差異?
    • 一直以來 COSCUP 都會與其他開放社群進行合作。而「社群軌」就是會交由該社群來決定並安排議程。而「綜合軌」則是由 COSCUP 自行舉辦的自辦軌,將由 COSCUP 議程組所找的審稿委員來協助稿件審核動作。
  • Q6:4 月 30 日是否一定會知道審核結果?
    • 我們會在 4 月 30 日前用 Email 方式來通知您稿件是否在此階段提前逕行錄取。
  • Q7:如果這段時間來不及參加,之後是否還有機會?
    • 有的。我們後續將會有與「社群軌」一同合辦的綜合徵稿活動可參加。
  • Q8:如果這次投稿沒上,今年是否可以再次投稿?
    • 若您的投稿沒有上,我們將保留您的稿件至常規徵稿階段。等到該階段開始,您將可以再次編輯您的稿件內容,再次進行投稿動作。


COSCUP 2024 Call for Participation 議程軌與攤位即日起開放申請

COSCUP 2024 Call for Participation, 議程軌與攤位即日起開放申請 COSCUP 2024 的社群議程/攤位即日起開始接受申請,社群議程於 3 月 17 日截止申請,社群攤位於 6 月 3 號截止。請有興趣在今年與我們共襄盛舉的社群把握機會! 點此快速報名 / Quick Apply 點此跳到社群攤位 Jump to Community Track English Ver. Jump to Community Booth English Ver. 社群議程 Community Room COSCUP 2024 社群議程提供場地與行政協助,您可以在此舉辦一整天關於特定開源議題的討論、座談、工作坊等。 特色包括: 自訂議程時長:各社群可以自己決定每段議程的時間,無論 15 分鐘、30 分鐘、45 分鐘,甚至直接開設數個小時的工作坊都可以。 自訂休息時間:各社群可以決定是否有休息時間,或是連番上陣。 What's new in COSCUP 2024 今年 COSCUP 有一些新的合作注意事項,歡迎欲報名的社群夥伴們確認,報名即視為貴社群同意今年度的合作注意事項 COSCUP 歡迎社群夥伴宣傳、分享社群在 COSCUP 的活動相關資訊,包含且不限於規劃獨立報名系統、架設宣傳活動網頁,或是使用票卷系統等,惟須請在相關管道中註明合作夥伴為 COSCUP 團隊。且秉持 COSCUP 精神,所有以 COSCUP 名義相關的活動,請避免限定會眾參與身分,若因特殊原因需限定參與身分,請與議程組聯絡與討論。 申請加入 COSUCP 的夥伴將視為同意大會 CoC準則,敬請夥伴們一同宣導大會 CoC ,為會眾創造尊重與友善的活動 更多社群合作準則,請參考 本文件,報名即視為同意本文件所提到的各項注意事項 Changes in COSCUP 2024 今年 COSCUP 將基於 20

COSCUP 啄事今蜚會前快報 第一期

COSCUP 啄事今蜚會前快報 第一期 2014年06月18日發行 距離大會剩下一個月的時間, 精彩的議程內容即將就定位,讓小啄帶大家來看看今年有些什麼精彩的吧! 從沒有人到超多人: g0v社群經驗 g0v.tw 是一個跨界的開源社群,由一些熟悉軟體開源文化的人開始,從最初期就致力拓展到其他非資訊領域,因此在社群的推動上有各種不同努力。將近兩年來,關注社群人數爆炸性成長,社群因此經歷數次危機。但透過 g0v 與NGO、政府等實體組織互動、加強社群基礎建設、深化參與的文化,社群核心價值與開幹精神至今能量依然不減。此 talk 將以 g0v 為例,分享跨界社群的成長經驗,以及從開源社群拓展到民主深化的初步成果。 State of the unison: g0v 村情咨文 從 2012 底開始的 g0v 運動,成功集結開放源碼社群,並輸出開源文化至各領域,促使公民高效率協作,解決問題。本次演講將回顧 g0v 社群的成果,包括專案、與 gov 合作、國際交流,以及未來展望。 DevRel 的再思考   俺可以来讲讲大陆开源技术社区这12年. 相似演讲: - 幻灯: https://speakerdeck.com/ zoomquiet/140330-ostc-just4fun - 录音: http://zoomq.qiniudn.com/ CPyUG/140330-OSTC/ 140330_ostc_pm1_zoomquiet.MP3 - 录像: http://v.youku.com/v_show/ id_XNjk2OTcyODQ4.html" 更多議程請見 http://coscup.org/2014/zh-tw/program/

2022!前夜派對!Open source and wine!Welcome Party!

喝! 年會 前夜 的交流 派對 ,來與大會講者、社群同好一起喝酒聊天! Join the Party, have fun with the speakers and your beloved FLOSS community members! 會場有什麼? / What will we have at the party? 當日精選的 MIT 掌門精釀啤酒 (也有無酒精飲料) Beer ! For people who don't like alcohol, the bar also provides soft drinks. 下酒點心 Snacks 200 坪空中花園派對,可以直接看到台北 101!美景與美酒,絕配! Awesome view, believe me! Just check the photos from Google Maps. 最重要的是:與熱愛開源的大會講者與社群同好交流的最佳活動! Lots of FLOSS folks! 注意事項 / Note 會場食物為小零食,數量有限,建議吃過正餐再來! Please have your dinner before the party, we only prepare party appetizers. 低消為 $200 元。 The minimum order is NTD$200. 不用報名,自由參加。 Please feel free to join Welcome Party, no matter what you come to COSCUP x KCD Taiwan 2022 or not. 贊助商請找 贊助組 領取酒券。 If you are the sponsor, please contact the Sponsorship Team for the free beer ticket. 如果你怕忘記參加活動,可以訂閱 COSCUP 活動電子報 ,不錯過最新活動訊息! Subscribe the COSCUP newspaper to receive important reminders and exciting activities. 時間地點 / When, Where 時