BoF 2018 開放揪團!

Novell SuSE BoF

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今年的 BoF 開放登記啦!

BoF 是什麼?

簡單說就是同樂會 — 有相同喜好的人、歡樂聚會的活動!因為喜好相同,所以你們可以暢談彼此在相同主題上的新發現,又或者與其他只在網路上聊過天、卻沒見過面的「熟人」碰個面。
BoF 在 COSCUP 是有吃有玩有聊天的重頭戲之一,每年都在混亂 x 秩序交錯中熱烈開展!畢竟,每年的 COSCUP 聚集開放源碼社群成員,是舉辦開源相關主題 BoF 的絕佳環境之一。時間是 COSCUP 2018 第一天議程結束之後(2018/8/11 18:00),在大會各教室四處野生出沒!
本屆 BoF 提供兩種形式供大家申請
  • 外掛:一如往常,在第一天 8/11 正式議程結束後,將提供場地、食物,供大家同樂。
  • 內建:在 8/12 的 9:30-15:30 間,大會將提供一間會議室,供社群申請使用。


Coscup 第一天 BOF 的 Pizza
  • 跟很久不見(或未曾謀面)的同好共聚一堂!
  • 大會提供免費食物,有吃有聊好歡樂的有沒有!
  • 往年都有風格多樣,兼具正經、搞笑、感人、熱血,各式可愛又迷人的主題,如果沒看到喜歡的,也可以自己揪一團!


直接到這份文件,在想要參加的 BoF 活動下簽上自己的大名,表明要參加的意願即可!

那要怎麼發起一個新的 BoF 主題?

  • 寄信給 program@coscup.org 告知手機號碼,以便會中聯繫。
  • 報名「外掛」版的也請特別注意:
    1. 8/11 16:00 自行(或派遣代表)於大會服務台前集合協調場地與餐點
    2. 8/11 18:30 時,請派員至指定地點領取餐點

可是我沒有 COSCUP 的票耶?

沒關係! BoF 時間並不限制有 COSCUP 票券的人才能入場,所以快點召集開源同好朋友來吧!


好喔!有 BoF 相關的問題,寄來 program@coscup.org 就對了,雖然在 COSCUP 前一週我們已經忙到爆炸,但我們還是無敵熱血地會拼命擠出一點時間來回你的信。現在就報名吧!



2016 Unconference 議程公告!

今年的 Unconference 名單出爐啦! 由於每一個 Talk 都相當精彩,因此我們想了辦法讓所有投稿的人都有舞台可以分享。 Unconference 演講場地為中研院活動中心的平面會議室。 對於其中的講題有興趣的朋友們請不要錯過囉 :-D
8/21 Unconference 活動中心的平面會議室時間 講題 講者 10:45
11:05 用開放原始碼技術翻轉傳統產業IT架構 Derek Hsu11:10
11:30 會自動飛行的"神奇寶貝"and飛行技巧 gavin 11:45
12:05 ProbeDroid: Crafting Your Own Dynamic Instrument Tool on Android for App Behavior Exploration | 沈宗賢 (AndyShen)12:10
12:30 蒙地卡羅模擬與志願運算 趙元13:30
13:50 Runtime PM for CPU idling in Linux kernelfreedom Koan-Sin Tan 13:55
14:15 Fuzzing and Mozilla GARY KWONG gkw14:30
14:50 無良房東一度電收你 5.5 元,你難道不生氣嗎?——從自幹智慧電表講起 Felix and Timo14:55
15:15 COSCUP + AppDevKit Jeff Lin C 備註:議程時間可能會調動。

COSCUP 2018 CfP is open! Submit your proposal before May 25th, 2018.

Finally, the CfP of COSCUP 2018 is here!(中文見下方)We have pleasure to work with GNOME.Asia Summit to have a joint conference this year, plus 16 Community Room tracks and special tracks hosted by the staff, makes COSCUP 2018 a 15-parallel-tracks conference -- wow! Thanks to all the community members to make it happen.We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 25th, 2018. After the review process from the coordinators, we will publish the full programme in early July.All the talks will possibly be recorded and the video clips will be released under CC:BY-SA 4.0. If you have something in your talk that cannot be recorded or released under CC, please do leave a note in your proposal.Important dates:Submission deadline: May 25th, 2018Full programme published: Early JulyCOSCUP 2018: Aug 11-12 (with welcome party at 10th night), at National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologySubmit your proposal here!今年 COSCUP 我們很榮幸再度與 GNOME.Asi…

Full programme of COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia 2018 is here!

The following is an overview of this year’s programme.While the official website is still under construction (It's alive!), you can see the time slots, speaker and room assignments for each topic through this Spreadsheet. The full programme, include abstract and other information, will be announced on coscup.org after the site is done. As usual: this agenda may change at any time. Please stay tuned.Any question? You can reach the program team at program@coscup.org. Again, thanks to all the participating communities and contributors!Check the full schedule!