COSCUP 2023社群聚 (BoF / Hacking Room)

COSCUP 大會聚集了臺灣及世界各地的開放文化及開源愛好者;總是
快來登記 BoF / Hacking Room!

Meet friends at the BoF sessions or hacking rooms of COSCUP 2023!


BoF (Birds of Feather flock together)

  • 時間 / Time: July 29th and 30th, 10:00 - 16:00
  • 活動場地 / Location: Room TR411

簡單說就是同樂會 — 有相同喜好的人、歡樂聚會的活動!BoF 是 COSCUP 每年的重頭戲之一,你們可以暢談彼此在相同主題上的新發現,又或者與其他只在網路上聊過天、卻沒見過面的「熟人」碰個面。

COSCUP 年會聚集開放源碼社群成員,是舉辦和開源、社群及開放文化有關開源相關主題 BoF 的絕佳環境!

BoF session is an informal meet-up at conferences, where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.

As lots of open-source lovers gather annually, COSCUP is the best place for holding BoFs about topics related to open source, community, and open culture.

歡迎開源社群在 COSCUP 期間舉辦 BoF 同好會!如果你想要預約 BoF 時段(每場次一小時),請至此文件閱讀注意事項並登記;同時,也歡迎在此宣傳場外自行舉辦的開源聚會!


We encourage communities to hold their BoF meet-up during COSCUP. Book for your BoF (1 hr per session) and check up the notice here, or promote your own BoFs during the weekend!

Hacking Room

  • 時間 / Time: July 29th and 30th, 10:00 - 16:00
  • 活動場地 / Location: Room TR409-1

過往很多 BoF 主揪敲碗每場次一小時不夠讓大夥暢談…我們今年提供不限時的 hacking room 空間!

Hacking Room 是一個能容納 30 人左右的交誼廳,供會眾自由交流!在這裡,我們不會限制你的活動長度;你可以在議程與議程間的空檔三五好友打十五分鐘的桌遊,也可以和志同道合的開源夥伴進行兩小時的衝刺開發,可能會有多個活動在這個空間同時發生,要怎麼運用這個自由空間由你決定!

The hacking room is a free space for casual gatherings, which can hold up to 30 people. There is no time limit in the hacking room. You can play card games with friends for 15 minutes between talks or run a two-hour open-source sprint here. Also, multiple events are available at the same time. It is all up to you!

如果你想要揪人參與在 hacking room 舉行的活動,歡迎在此文件登記宣傳!


Share your event here to invite other attendees to join in!



COSCUP 2024 徵稿辦法 / COSCUP 2024 Call for Proposals

COSCUP 2024 Call for Proposals: Until 9th, May Submit Your Proposals HERE! 今年 COSCUP 一如往常,徵求各式各樣不同的 Open Source 相關稿件。請於 05 月 09 日(AoE) 前投稿,徵稿主題可參考本頁下方各議程軌資訊。 請注意,每場議程長度預設為 30 分鐘 ,惟部分議程軌開放其他議程長度,會在報名表單第二頁選填。 為了增添 COSCUP 的國際能見度,今年所有入選稿件希望都可以提供中英文版雙語資訊。徵稿階段,您可先以自己偏好的語言準備演講或撰寫 CfP 稿件。 提醒您,COSCUP 是一個倡導開放的研討會,所有演講將錄影並以創用 YouTube CC 姓名標示-相同方式分享 4.0 釋出。如果您的演講有任何不能錄影或不願以此條款釋出的狀況,請務必於投稿表單上註明。 We are looking for talks in several open-source related areas, please submit your proposal before May 09th, 2024 (AoE, Anywhere on Earth) . The theme for submissions can be referenced from the information on various tracks at the bottom of this page. Please note that the length of each agenda is preset to 30 minutes, only the specific tracks are open to other agenda lengths for selection, which will be filled in on the second page of the registration form. To make it more accessible for international audiences, we kindly request CFP information to be provided in both Chinese and

COSCUP 2024 Customized Community Sponsorship Program/ 2024 贊助社群客製化方案

COSCUP 2024 Customized Community Sponsorship Program 中文版  |  COSCUP provides a unique opportunity for sponsors to support COSCUP and their chosen communities. This customized sponsorship program enhances sponsors’ visibility and strengthens their connection with the community. Sponsorship method instructions: Choose a Sponsorship Package : Sponsors must select the “Friend” package or a higher-level sponsorship. Total Sponsorship Amount = Sponsorship Package Fee + Chosen Community Sponsorship Amount. Sponsorship Amount for a Community: The amount allocated to a community cannot exceed one-third of the total sponsorship amount. Example 1: Gold-level Sponsorship (NTD 137,500) + Booth (NTD 27,500) = NTD 165,000. The maxi

COSCUP 2024 Call for Participation 議程軌與攤位即日起開放申請

COSCUP 2024 Call for Participation, 議程軌與攤位即日起開放申請 COSCUP 2024 的社群議程/攤位即日起開始接受申請,社群議程於 3 月 17 日截止申請,社群攤位於 6 月 3 號截止。請有興趣在今年與我們共襄盛舉的社群把握機會! 點此快速報名 / Quick Apply 點此跳到社群攤位 Jump to Community Track English Ver. Jump to Community Booth English Ver. 社群議程 Community Room COSCUP 2024 社群議程提供場地與行政協助,您可以在此舉辦一整天關於特定開源議題的討論、座談、工作坊等。 特色包括: 自訂議程時長:各社群可以自己決定每段議程的時間,無論 15 分鐘、30 分鐘、45 分鐘,甚至直接開設數個小時的工作坊都可以。 自訂休息時間:各社群可以決定是否有休息時間,或是連番上陣。 What's new in COSCUP 2024 今年 COSCUP 有一些新的合作注意事項,歡迎欲報名的社群夥伴們確認,報名即視為貴社群同意今年度的合作注意事項 COSCUP 歡迎社群夥伴宣傳、分享社群在 COSCUP 的活動相關資訊,包含且不限於規劃獨立報名系統、架設宣傳活動網頁,或是使用票卷系統等,惟須請在相關管道中註明合作夥伴為 COSCUP 團隊。且秉持 COSCUP 精神,所有以 COSCUP 名義相關的活動,請避免限定會眾參與身分,若因特殊原因需限定參與身分,請與議程組聯絡與討論。 申請加入 COSUCP 的夥伴將視為同意大會 CoC準則,敬請夥伴們一同宣導大會 CoC ,為會眾創造尊重與友善的活動 更多社群合作準則,請參考 本文件,報名即視為同意本文件所提到的各項注意事項 Changes in COSCUP 2024 今年 COSCUP 將基於 20